sexta-feira, janeiro 09, 2009

"A Man for all Seasons"

"Sir Thomas.


I fell.

Lady Alice.

-Lady Margaret.

-Good evening.

Do you know William Roper, the younger?

By reputation, of course.

-Good evening, Master....


You've heard of me?


In what connection? I don't know what you can have hear.

I sense that I'm not welcome here.

Why Richard? Have you done something to make you not welcome?

Cromwell is asking questions.

About you. He's always asking questions about you and your opinions.

Of whom?

Of him, for one. That's one of his sources.

Of course. That's one of my servants.

All right, Matthew.

Well, you look at me as though I were an enemy.

Why Richard, you're shaking.

Help me.


Employ me.


-Employ me!


I would be faithful.

You couldn't answer for yourself even so far as tonight.

Arrest him!

-For what?

-He's dangerous!

-Libel. He's a spy!

-That man's bad!

-There's no law against that.

-God's law!

-Then God can arrest him.

-While you talk, he's gone!

Go he should, if he were the Devil, until he broke the law.

-Now you give the Devil benefit of law!

-Yes, what would you do? Cut a road through the law to get after the Devil?

Yes. I'd cut down every law in England
to do that.

And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned on you where would you hide, Roper,the laws all being flat?

This country is planted with laws
from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's, and if you cut them downand you're just the man to do it do you really think you could stand upright in the wind that would blow then?


I give the Devil benefit of law for my own safety's sake. "

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